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Applied Social Research Unit
Illinois State University
Campus Box 4950
Normal, IL 61790-4950

Phone: 309/438-5326
Fax: 309/438-7198
Email: asru@ilstu.edu
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Stevenson Hall Room 112
Normal, IL 61790

Applied Social Research Unit


The Applied Social Research unit (ASRU) provides customized information collection, analysis, and recommendations to promote the effectiveness of public and private organizations.

Who We Are

Established in 1987, the ASRU of Illinois State University provides research and training services to state agencies, educational institutions, communities, health and human services, businesses, and public interest organizations. ASRU conducts evaluation, assessment, market research, and planning studies and provides training in grant writing, research methods, outcomes measurement, evaluation, and collaboration. ASRU staff members offer diverse backgrounds in community development, business, history, sociology, psychology, communication, statistics, and applied research.


Client-centered: ASRU involves clients and related stakeholders in project planning and implementation to foster "buy-in" and encourage use of research information.

Use of multiple methods: ASRU conducts research activities including surveys; interviews; focus groups; review of public, organizational, and program data; review of best practices, models, and general literature; and other methods selected to provide a thorough multifaceted response to clients' information needs.

Integrity, objectivity, and timeliness: ASRU uses resources efficiently; maintains strict confidentiality of data and personal contacts where appropriate; enlists outside expertise when necessary; checks personal biases in working with clients and information; and provides services and data in a timely manner.

User-friendly and professional research products: ASRU develops research products by considering the audience and its needs and uses for information.